I have the pleasure to work with these students on topics in network and communication security:

  • Vincent Ghiette on real-time attack detection and adversary classification
  • Mark Luchs on DDoS characterization and actor identification
  • Ewout Pronk on SS7/LTE security
  • Parul Gupta on side-channel security of communication systems
  • Stijn Pletinckx and Cyril Trap on economic relationships and campaign evolution of ransomware threats
  • Max Pigmans on process discovery of SPAM actors
  • Piotr Tekieli on secure vehicular networks
  • Sille Kamoen on IoT attack analysis and actor attribution
  • Michael Anastasakis on behavioral compromise detection based on network indicators
  • Zakaria Meziane on high-performance algorithms to detect stealthy scans
  • Federico Falconieri on threat intelligence fusion and kill chain mining
  • Frits Kastelein and Christian Veenman on situational awareness on BGP incidents
  • Thijs Brands on risk scoring of Internet assets and artifacts and pre-incident abuse prediction
  • Hari Manikandan (with Zeki Erkin) on privacy-preserving intelligence sharing
  • Harm Griffioen on assisted discovery algorithms for adversarial behavior
  • Mart Meijerink on contextualization of threat intelligence for business processes
  • Sharif Jacobino on quality assessment criteria of threat intelligence feeds

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Graduated Students

  • Alex van Rijs on embedded system threat prevention
  • Lisa Geddam on mapping the onion hidden services ("darknet"/"Shadow Internet")
  • Jasper Abbink on malware command & control localization
  • Vincent van Mieghem on malware detection on OS X through system call traces
  • Henrique Dantas on automatic vulnerability detection in smart meters
  • Norbert Blenn on information and influence propagation in social networks
  • Javier Martin Hernandez on heuristics for dissecting complex networks
  • Nasir Shadravan on profile prediction and privacy issues in social networks
  • Kassandra Charalampidou on detecting influences between people in a social network on personal opinions
  • Mike Noordermeer on real-time network capacity detection
  • Bas van Kester on data analysis and optimized crawling techniques for large scale networks
  • Paula Sampietro on the role of communities and friendships for information spreading in social networks