Short Bio

I work in the broad area of network security and critical infrastructure protection. My research focus is designing resilient network systems, localizing and estimating current threats through real-time situational awareness in networks as well as conducting threat intelligence on adversaries.

Prior to joining Delft University of Technology, I was at the University of Colorado, USA, where I received my Ph.D. in Computer Science and Cognitive Science. While most of my work focuses on technology, I also integrate socio-technical aspects of cyber security with this background in my research.

July 2018: We are now on Twitter (@cyberthreatlab), and will be reporting on the latest things in cyber threat intelligence.

News and upcoming talks:
  • I will be serving as TPC chair at the upcoming International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES 2018) and the new Workshop on Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI)
  • Talk at National Cyber Security Summer School 2017 on the human influences on technical network defense efficiency
  • Public one day training on organizational security and secure communication paradigms at the Royal Association of Engineers (KIVI)
  • Invited talk on embedded security at HiPEAC 2017

Academic Positions

  • 2012-PresentAssistant Professor (tenured)

    Cyber Security Group,
    Delft University of Technology,
    the Netherlands

  • 2008-2012Assistant Professor

    Network Architectures Group,
    Delft University of Technology,
    the Netherlands

Selected Publications

Full Publication List
N. Blenn and V. Ghiette and C. Doerr

Quantifying the Spectrum of Denial-of-Service Attacks through Internet Backscatter

International Conference on Availability, Reliability and Security (ARES) 8 2017
[bibtex] [pdf]

C. Doerr and F. Kuipers

All Quiet on the Internet Front?

IEEE Communications Magazine, Special Issue on Disaster Resilience in Communication Networks October 2014


Master Courses I currently teach within the Cyber Security Program

ET4397IN Network Security (Q3)

ET4397IN covers the theory and practice of network systems and security protocols. The course discusses vulnerabilities, countermeasures and secure design principles at the physical, link, network, transport and application layer of networking systems. course website

CS4155 Advanced Network Security (Q3)

CS4155 provides you with an in-depth view on strategies of communication and network security. We will analyze vulnerabilities in detail, implement detection and defense tools, and setup security experiments in our hardware lab. Advanced Network Security follows the setup of Network Security along all the layers of the network stack. course website

IN4253ET Applied Security Analysis (Q3)

In this project course, you will conduct a security analysis of a commercial product in group work. Recent examples covered in IN4253ET were VoIP trunks, remote key access solutions, or mobile telephony systems.

CS4120 Methods in Cyber Security (Q3/Q4)

This course provides an overview of the key methods in cyber security and is the preparation seminar for the MSc thesis project.